Is Your Firm Leading with Purpose or Ego

Is Your Firm Leading with Purpose or Ego?

By Ryan Shanks, Co-founder and CEO

In recent years, companies everywhere have worked hard to adjust to a huge spike in purpose-driven consumerism. Research tells us that across the world, 63% of consumers prefer to buy goods from companies that reflect their personal beliefs. This is a monumental number, and is a telling statistic proving people today are prioritizing their own wellness and values before considering a transaction.

Similarly, recruiting good talent is a transaction in which it's become increasingly important for both parties to share a common set of values. As a firm, if you're not leading your growth strategy with purpose, you are leading with ego. And ego will never produce the results you're looking for.

In my latest article, "Small Firms Can Make a Big Impact with the Right Advisors" I wrote how firms that lead with purpose will be better positioned to attract the right talent to their firm. I want to expand on how they can take this concept and bring it into practice.

Purpose vs. Ego

When I talk to firms about their struggle finding and retaining new talent, I can tell in a matter of minutes if their difficulty stems from ego. How? They spend our entire conversation touting ways they excel over the competition, rather than how they're helping their advisors succeed.

I believe one reason this happens is because of a misconception that having a "mission" is the same as having a "purpose." But these are very different things. Every company has a mission - it's what they're trying to solve or accomplish. But not every company has an articulate purpose - which is why they are in business in the first place.

So, how can you play to the strengths of your firm while remaining advisor-centric? Here are a few examples of common ego-driven statements, and how simply leading instead with purpose can completely change the perception:

At our core, we each have a purpose for doing what we do every day. The same holds true for businesses and the talent you're looking to attract. When we lead with purpose, we can't go wrong.

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