About FA Match

At FA Match, we believe that when advisors find purpose and fulfillment in their careers, firms will thrive. And their clients will, too.


At FA Match, we're not in the driver's seat - you are. We're just here to help you reach your destination.
Ryan Shanks | Co-Founder & CEO, FA Match
Our Story

Twenty years ago, Ryan Shanks was a rookie recruiter who'd been thrown into the financial services space with the task of placing discontent brokers at firms looking to attract more talent. His first day on the job, he was given only three things in his arsenal: a phone, a contact list, and a script. With those in hand, he promptly set his finger down on the first row and dialed the number.

When the Merrill Lynch advisor picked up the phone, Ryan simply asked, "What's Missing, and what do you need to fix it?"

There was silence. After many seconds, the advisor spoke up and told Ryan that a recruiter had never asked him what he wanted or what he needed.

That set Ryan on a mission of fixing the conflict-ridden, fee-driven recruitment industry. Decades later, he partnered with Chief Technology Officer, Eric Savage, and FA Match was born.

At FA Match, we believe that advisors and firms can leverage technology to build more meaningful and more profitable connections with one another - and when we do this, firms will thrive and advisors will be better equipped to change lives.


Our Founders

Our vision is to create a better recruitment experience for advisors and firms, and in turn, eliminate the misalignment in goals and values that often inhibits long-term success.

Ryan Shanks

Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan has over 20 years of experience in financial services. Prior to FA Match, he served in a leadership role for two Independent Broker Dealers where he managed national recruiting and internal succession strategies. Since 2000, he has managed and helped negotiate the transition of more than $200M in commission and advisory revenue. Above everything else, Ryan is a proud husband and father of two boys and a girl.

Eric Savage

Co-Founder & CTO

Eric has been in software development for well over 20 years and has spent time in the largest of companies and the smallest of startups. Prior to FA Match he spent most of his time in large scale development organizations, usually in a core engineering role.

Eric has been a contributor to several open source efforts over the years and still makes a point to write code daily and stay sharp.