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FA Match Letter to Advisors
There are many of you who are outspokenly happy with the choices you've made and the career path you've chosen - but for the silent ones, the advisors who don't feel fulfilled, we promise to always lead with the question, What's Missing? And be there to fill the void.
Recruitment Inflation Is Driving Advisor Misplacement
I call the phenomenon "Recruitment Inflation," which happens when firms over-inflate their successes by touting the number of new advisors they've brought on board, often misdirecting advisors who believe more = more.
Is Your Firm Leading with Purpose or Ego?
Recruiting good talent is a transaction in which it's become increasingly important for both parties to share a common set of values. As a firm, if you're not leading your growth strategy with purpose, you are leading with ego. And ego will never produce the results you're looking for.
Small Firms Can Make a Big Impact with the Right Advisors
M&A activity is hard to miss - and it's inspired a few major camps of thought regarding the future of our industry. One of the most important conversations revolves around how smaller firms can "stay competitive" in a space that's so rapidly evolving.
The Two-Way Street of Advisor Recruiting
Your firm's dream team is out there, but it's about repositioning your hiring objectives and shifting your point of view. If you hire for the firm of tomorrow instead of the firm of today, you'll always find success.